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Things You Can Do With a High-Quality IP Phone System


Do you prefer the Panasonic IP PBX or Avaya Dubai businesses rely on for seamless communications? No matter your IP PBX model preferences, the system will certainly help accomplish more for your business. Such systems sport powerful capabilities you may leverage and accomplish a lot, including:




Conferencing is one of the most important strengths that IP telephone systems boast. The systems utilize Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP), which enables efficient and fast transmission of data in a range of forms, including video, text, and voice. An important aspect of VoIP is that it lets you communicate cheaply with people that are not necessarily in the same physical location, region, or even country, as you.


As such, you can make conference calls (whether voice or video-based) using VoIP infrastructure. This saves time and costs as there's no need to travel to company headquarters to participate in a conference call.


Integrate Communications


You can also integrate communication systems and channels into a unified platform that promotes transparency as well as collaboration. For instance, email communications and phone calls are harmonized. This means you don't have to operate separate platforms for each one of your business communication methods. For more facts and information about IP telephone system, visit


Transfer Calls


Being able to transfer calls enables callers to find help, no matter who's in attendance at your office or contact center. If an agent is not available, a call is transferred to the next available one. Some lines may be transferred to mobile or home phones so that some of the most important calls are not missed. Your customers will love it when they're able to get help no matter when they call your Avaya Support center line.


Customize Customer Service


If you can provide assistance to your customers based on all the information you've gathered on them, chances of satisfying them certainly go up. Well, that's possible with Panasonic Dubai IP telephone systems. Thanks to features like caller ID, your agents are able to retrieve past engagements with a caller, enabling them to prepare an effective, personalized response. Overall, the quality of customer service will increase.


Typically, IP phone systems enable contact centers or other office application to provide the best customer service. The ability to do conference calls saves on costs, while call transfer enables customers to find help in their hour of need. With caller ID and screening, every customer getting in touch receives a personalized response in line with their needs and circumstances.