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What's Covered in a Telephone System Maintenance Contract?


Before deciding on whether to take a contract on your telephone system maintenance, it's important to know what will and will not be covered in the contract.


What is not covered?


While a phone system maintenance contract is designed to provide cover in case of a communications issue, there are certain limits to what can be reasonably covered by the contract. The things not covered are often covered by the firm's insurance policy. They include malicious damage, power surges, rodent damage, intervention by third party, and contact with liquids like water or toxic substances.


A phone system maintenance contract aims to ensure that Avaya Telephone Systemwork as they should. If there are broader issues, then insurance policies apply; there's no use insurance policies overlapping as the client will basically be paying double for the same item.




In general, phone system maintenance will include costs of repairing and replacing equipment. The agreement will have a list of items covered and the list of replacements or repairs that'll be covered. For instance, a telephone maintenance contractwill usually cover wear and tear, faults, and engineer visits.

Engineer visits and faulty equipment would ordinarily then be absolutely free.




Many telephone systems come with database software that maintains the records needed by the system to run. It's essential that this software is backed up so it can run.


A phone system maintenance contract covers these databases, maintaining an updated database off-site and on-site in case it's required for purposes of disaster recovery. To learn more about telephone system, go to


Software upgrades


Telephone system software will regularly need to be updated to ensure smooth running and functionality, as well as security. A maintenance contract should cover software upgrades.


Remote support


Remote support needs to be covered in any telephone system maintenance agreement. Remote support is beneficial for both telecom firms and customers as it allows customers to resume normal service quickly should a problem occur and slashes transport expenses for the telecoms firm. This service is supposed to be provided for free.




A reputable telecoms firm should have the ability to replace most of the out of stock faulty equipment to ensure that telephone systems are working and that people can continue with their work without any interruption.


Response times


This is the most essential aspect of a phone system maintenance contract. In many cases, telecom firms will provide a variety of responses depending on the intricacy of the phone system or the cost of the system crashing for customer.